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We specialise in Mountain Bikes but that doesn’t mean we have no experience in the many other cycling disciplines. We offer the same professional service whether you are looking to purchase a high end mountain bike or your youngsters first runner bike. Our brand portfolio consists of Banshee Bikes, Merida Cycles, Yeti Cycles, Chromag Bikes, EVIL Bikes, Turner Bikes and Ridgeback Cycles. 

Why buy your bike from us?

Well firstly we are not in the business of blowing the dust of the box and shipping it out the door like the internet giants that don’t want to know you after you’ve handed over your hard earned cash. We are riders ourselves and are passionate about the brands we sell and can offer you solid reliable advice and excellent after sales service. We will work with you to help you make an informed decision on the bike that is right for you, sized correctly with properly tuned suspension matched to your weight. If you have a warranty problem we will deal with it directly and will if possible offer you a courtesy bike until the problem is resolved.

Custom Builds

We specialise in Custom bike builds of the framesets from Banshee Bikes, Yeti Cycles, Turner Cycles and Chromag Cycles and EVIL Bikes. If you are interested in a custom build please give us a call, ping us an email or even better pop in to the shop for a brew and a sponge finger. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a custom build specification to suit you and your budget. Stock build kits are also available for most framesets.







The Canadian brand with a Scottish connection, Born on the Shore but designed by a Scotsman!

We can’t give these bikes enough praise, guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. Checkout the Spitfire, Rune, Prime and Phantom. We will soon have demo bikes available for all these models, Spitfire and Prime available now.

Here is some background from the guys at Banshee –

Banshee bikes is now going into its 13th year of operation and only last year did we do a massive lineup change bringing in the new KS-Link designs, and we have more coming.

We will remain the company where the rider is put above all else and can have access to the guys that make things happen here. We will continue to have transparency in the design process from conception to finished bike.

We spend far more time in engineering and designing our frames, and a whole lot less time marketing things we feel are either industry standards or too insignificant to even mention. You’ll seldom see us creating 3 letter acronyms to try and make some process or feature sound like the next best thing when in reality every bike manufacture does the exact same thing. We just focus on designing bikes that are fast, fun and perform better than all our competition.

More Info On Bike Range Here!

We are the No.1 dealer for Yeti Cycles in Scotland, these bikes are something very special and have to be ridden to fully appreciate just how good they are, luckily we run a demo fleet so you can. We offer a custom build service or their are various levels of factory build kit available, give us a call to discuss your requirements and book a demo ride. Our demo fleet is the largest in Scotland. All the staff ride Yeti’s, need we say anymore!

For more than 15 years, Yeti has been on the forefront of product development and one of the leading innovators in the bicycle industry. Driven by a passion for racing, Team Yeti has produced some legendary race teams that have included the best racers in the sport. Yeti say ‘Racing is a critical part of our product development and we will continue to have the best racers in the sport on our products”

Yeti has attracted a worldwide following we refer to as the Tribe. These Yeti freaks are hard-core, bike loving, fanatical devotees who often travel great distances to visit the venerable Yeti factory and meet the people who made their bike. The company’s factory is located in Golden, CO.

YETI Demo Bikes Available –

  • YETI SB6c
  • YETi SB5c
  • YETI SB4.5c

Keep an eye out for the Scottish Yeti Tribe meets coming to a trail near you soon and join the Yeti Tribe Scotland Facebook page





As one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world, Merida make a massive range of bikes with a reputation for quality and value for money.



Everything you need and nothing more. Turner Bike has always been designed with form following function. If your primary concern is buying the best handling longest lasting mountain bike you can buy, then Turner Bikes deliver. They offer a super efficient dw-link suspension system, a finely tuned shock and rocker and rigidity enhancing HexLoc linkage for outstanding line holding precision. This combined with over 15 years of chassis development to produce some of the worlds best handling bikes makes buying a Turner frame a smart choice.


Turner Official Website


Info to follow

The EVIL Following & Insurgent models available to demo now!